Art Classes with Ingrid Harper

Art Classes spring 2024

Spring Term: 10 classes starting Tuesday, March 5 to May 14, or Wednesday, March 6 to May 15, or Thursday, March 7 to May 16, 2024. 

Inclement weather: If the Beaverton School District is closed due to inclement weather there will be no art class.

There are no classes during spring break weeks the last week of March.

To sign up for class please email Ingrid at, or leave a text at 503-803-0199

Price $200 for the term or $25 per class. Cash, check or Zelle payable to Ingrid Harper at the beginning of class.

Supply list: To every class, please bring a spiral bound sketchbook, approximately 9x12 inches. All other materials will be provided in class. 


Class time: Classes meet once a week. Please pick one class time from the following: 

Wednesday: 6:30-8:00pm; adults

Tuesday or Thursday: 4:30-6:00pm; ages 7 through 17  

NOTE: If you cannot come to your regular class time you are welcome to come for a make-up class within the same week. Please let me know

beforehand which day you will be coming.

Spring Curriculum 


Week 1 Tuesday, March 5, or Wednesday, March 6, or Thursday, March 7

Theme: Circle

Materials: Sketchbook, compass, pencil.

We will use the circle to draw different sizes of faces, so there is a crowd of people of different ages.


Week 2 Tuesday, March 12, Wednesday,13, or Thursday, March 14

Theme: Circle

Materials: Sketch book, pencils and charcoal

We will draw horses looking for circles and proportions. We will sketch horses standing and galloping, and we will try to draw the anatomically correct


Week 3 Tuesday, March 19, Wednesday, March 20, Thursday, March 21

Theme: Landscape painting with horses. Atmospheric perspective using warm and cool colors.

Materials: Sketch book, pencils and watercolor

We will create a landscape with a sense of space using atmospheric perspective where a couple of horses can roam around.


Week 4 Tuesday, April 2, Wednesday, April 3, and Thursday, April 4

Theme: Landscape with horses

Materials: Sketch book, pencils, gouache paint, color pencils

We will continue working on the landscape with horses and finish it.

Week 5 Tuesday, April 9, Wednesday, April 10, Thursday, April 11

Theme: Cats

Materials: Sketch book, pens 

Looking at the studio cat and photograph we will make a series of drawings of cats.


Week 6 Tuesday, April 16, Wednesday, April 17, Thursday, April 18

Theme: Cats

Materials: Sketch book, pens and watercolor.

We will finish16 drawings of cats, arrange them in a grid with each drawing in a different


Week 7 Tuesday, April 23, Wednesday, April 24, Thursday, April 25

Theme: Flemish floral arrangement

Materials: Sketch book, conte crayon

Looking at Flemish masters we will draw a floral arrangement, first in our sketch book and then on a 9"x12" canvas.

Week 8 Tuesday, April 30, Wednesday, May 1, Thursday May 2

Theme: Flemish floral paintings

Materials: Sketch book, pencils, canvas and acrylic paint

We will study the negative space around our conte drawings and draw on the canvas and start under painting in a neutral color.

 Week 9 Tuesday, May 7, Wednesday, May 8, Thursday, May 9

Theme: Flemish floral painting

Materials: 9"x12" canvas, acrylic paint and water-soluble oil paint

We will paint with acrylic paint and finish with oil paint when the acrylic is dry.

Week 10 Tuesday, May 14, Wednesday, May 15, Thursday, May 16

Theme: Figure drawing

Materials: Sketchbook, pens and conte crayon

We will draw each other, using shading, and lots of details.

Enjoy your summer. The art classes start again the second week of September.