Art Classes with Ingrid Harper

Art Classes FALL 2023

Fall Term: 10 classes starting Tuesday, September 12 to November 14, or Wednesday, September 13 to November 15, or Thursday, September 14 to November 16, 2023. 

Inclement weather: If the Beaverton School District is closed due to inclement weather there will be no art class.

There are no classes the 3rd week of November during the Thanksgiving week.

To sign up for class please email Ingrid at, or leave a text at 503-803-0199

Price $200 for the term or $25 per class. Cash, check or Zelle payable to Ingrid Harper at the beginning of class.

Supply list: To every class, please bring a spiral bound sketchbook, approximately 9x12 inches. All other materials will be provided in class. 


Fall TERM: Tuesday, September 12, 4:30-6, Wednesdays, September 13, 6:30-8 or Thursday, September14, 4:30-6. 

Class time: Classes meet once a week. Please pick one class time from the following: 

Wednesday: 6:30-8:00pm; adults

Tuesday or Thursday: 4:30-6:00pm; ages 7 through 14  

NOTE: If you cannot come to your regular class time you are welcome to come for a make-up class within the same week. Please let me know

beforehand which day you will be coming.

Fall Curriculum 


Week 1 Tuesday, September 12, or Wednesday, September 13, or Thursday, September 14

Theme: Positive and negative shapes

Artist: M.C.Esher

Materials: Sketch book

Using paper collage, we will create symmetrical or asymmetrical images with positive and negative shapes.

Week 2 Tuesday, September 19, Wednesday, September 20, or Thursday, September 21

Theme: Positive and negative shapes

Artist: Rene Magritte

Materials: Sketch book, pencils, black acrylic paint 

Using branches and plants as our subject matter, we will draw from nature creating a positive image on the right half of the composition and a negative i

mage on the left half, creating an asymmetrical image.

Week 3 Tuesday, September 26, Wednesday, September 27, Thursday, September 28

Theme: 2pt and 3pt perspective

Artist: Van Gogh

Materials: Sketch book, pencils, rulers, watercolor

We will use 2pt perspective to draw a model of Van Gogh's house in Arles and use light and dark watercolors to bring out the sense of 3-D'

Week 4 Tuesday, October 3, Wednesday, October 4, and Thursday, October 5

Theme: 2pt and 3pt perspective

Materials: Photo of your house or a house you like, sketch book, pencils, ruler and watercolor

Using a photo of your house or any house you like we will make a 2pt or 3pt drawing and use watercolor to finish it.

Week 5 Tuesday, October 10, Tuesday, October 11, Wednesday, October 12

Theme 2pt and 3pt perspective

The materials are the same as the previous week. We will put the finishing touches and the drawing of your house.


Week 6 Tuesday, October 17, Wednesday, October 18, Thursday, October 19

Theme: Value scale and 2pt and 3pt perspective

Materials: Sketch book, pencils and charcoal

We will work from a still life of white boxes, cylinders and cones on a mirror studying the perspective and changing values.

Week 7 Tuesday, October 24, Wednesday, October 25, Thursday, October 26

Theme: Complementary colors

Materials: Sketch book, pencils and color pencils

Working from a still life of cups and bowls we will use color pencils studying how complementary colors create rich shadows.

Week 8 Tuesday, October 31, Wednesday, November 1, November 2

Theme: Drawing Hands

Artist: Michelangelo

Materials: Sketch book, pencils, conte crayon

We will look for line and shade to produce a lifelike feeling of volume and three dimensionality.

 Week 9 Tuesday, November 7, Wednesday, November 8, Thursday, November 9

Theme: Portrait drawings

Artist: Albrecht Durer

Materials: Sketch book, pencil, pen and ink

We will study the 3/4 view of the human head. First, we will make a pencil drawing copying Durer's drawing followed by a pen and ink drawing.

Week 10 Tuesday, November 14, Wednesday, November 15, Thursday, November 16

Theme: Portrait drawing

Artists: Albrecht Durer, Michelangelo

Materials: Sketch book, pencils

Building on our portrait studies of Michelangelo and Durer we will draw a portrait of a person holding their hands next to their head.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! There are no art classes during Thanksgiving week. Winter term starts November 28-February 8, 2024